To those who have done even a small amount of homework on the Bohemian Grove, much of what is presented here is nothing new, however I hope that you will find the following piece and narrative of interest and understand the seriousness of the information provided.

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Below is our artist impression of the opening 'Cremation of Care' ceremony at Bohemian Grove in California.  A getaway retreat/summer camp where every July, some of the worlds most powerful men admittedly take part in occultic and offensive activities, that have put the club into recent disrepute.

The main idol/statue is meant to depict an Owl God, sometimes known as Molech or Moloch.  Please see our Molech section for more information on the deity itself.

The following image from the 1991 movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'  is reminiscent of the look of the 'Cremation of Care' ceremony.  One of many Hollywood movies which follow the story of a similar dark brotherhood.  It is often those who dress up in such a way and carry out sinister activities in the movies that are usually the bad guys... no?

We also see a similar visual concept at KKK ceremonies - incidentally the KKK was set up by a high-degree Freemason and Satanist by the name of Albert Pike... but I am sure that there is correlation.  The guys at the Bohemian Grove are just blowing of steam.  Surely they don't take this garb' seriously...

...do they?

We came across a piece on the National Geographic website which shows a ceremony from 1915.  Here is what they had to say: - 

"To purge himself of worldly concerns, a member of the elite Bohemian Club participated in a 1915 Cremation of Care ceremony—complete with candles and a robed and hooded comrade to guide him. This private club of influential men still meets annually north of San Francisco and uses this symbolic ritual to kick off its summer retreat. But today the ceremony involves burning a mummy-like effigy named Care at the foot of the group’s mascot: a 40-foot-tall (12-meter-tall) concrete owl"

Original Link Here.

A picture can tell a thousand words...

For more clear images, see our recently put together 'Bohemian Grove Photo Gallery' by clicking here.


It is interesting to know that some of the same occultic symbols seen (specifically) during the Cremation of Care ritual are also seen in the logo of the of the National Press Club.  An organisation with historical ties to the foundation of the Bohemian Club/Grove.

We originally managed to spot the two - the Owl and Lamp - which are most obvious, though we have now been made aware that the bookmark thread seen to the right of the logo is actually a representation of the 'Curved Staff' held by the 'High Priest' during the Cremation of Care ceremony.  (The logo does have other occultic symbols, not specific to the ceremony also).

(To see more information on the symbols such as the Flame, see our 'Symbolism Archive').


Other images, widely available on the internet: -

Our interpretation of the idol at Bohemian Grove: -

In May 2005, prisonplanet.com was able to publish a small number of images which were taken covertly and showed the Owl statue in high resolution.  Unfortunately the idol is covered thick in plant life, regardless, these are among the best images leaked to date.

Note the size of the man sweeping the dry stream bed compared to the size of the statue!


Again, please see our Molech section for more information on the Owl deity itself.

But the main statue worshipped at Bohemian Grove was not always an Owl god.  In the 1880's, there stood an idol of Buddha, said to have been at least seventy feet tall!

Unlike the current 'Owl' statue, which is made of stone, this was constructed from Gesso (aka Paris Plaster) which although good for sculpting, does not weather as slowly as other material.  It was because of this that the Buddha statue never lived to see its fiftieth birthday and some time around the late 1920's had to be replaced by the stone Owl that we know of today.

In the center of the idol (the belly) was a platform in which grove members could stand and pose for photographs, as depicted in my own impression opposite.  

Click here go to the National Park Services own website for a picture and more info.

A helpful visitor to cremationofcare.com has recently sent us the following images and comments regarding the Buddha statue at Bohemian Grove: -

"These were took during the Hagemeyer period.   Hagemeyer was a famous photographer.  He was the one which took the pics".

Donated by 'Silver Lion' (Permission granted to publish).

n.b. Click on any of the opposite four thumbnail images to see the image in a larger frame.  This will open in a new window.



The clubs Shakespearian motto "Weaving Spiders come not here" refers to the fact that the members and guests are strongly encouraged to not 'talk shop' at a time when they should be 'putting their feet up' (or rather pi$$ing on the redwood trees, a well known and favourite pastime of senior club members).

Despite the official 'lakeside chats' held at the grove, such activity as 'policy setting' or 'talking shop' has been known to actually get members expelled in the past, as it is felt that this may lower the relaxed tone of the Grove...  fair enough!.

So is this a place where the elite go every year to plot a takeover of the planet as some have suggested?  Not at all... they already run the world!  If you look at the list of attendees over the past century you start to get a clearer picture of what is really going on.  The point is not so much that the people who run the world are being 'bad little boys' for two weeks a year in the privacy of the forest, but rather that the club inspires the rather more sinister attitudes amongst the elite at a time when they are making new business contacts and establishing new networks for the other fifty weeks of the year, as they make decisions and dictate policies that impact upon the lives of literally billions of people.  (The whole world basically).

Simply put, the camaraderie established 'between brothers' continues outside of the grove, therefore eliminating any need for the 'spiders' to 'weave' once at the grove as there is plenty of time for these 'bad little boys' to do this later!  Also giving a convenient and arguable alibi for the Bohemian Club/Groves involvement in issues of global control.  This is a point that many people do not understand.

The occultic 'dark side' that is bred (indoctrinated) into the collective mindset of the members can be so so so easily argued down as being 'harmless fun' if you do not understand how the technique works.  An obvious analogy that springs to mind would be to say that it is rather like allowing school children to engage in playground bullying and vandalism and fighting, without the proper adult guidance of right and wrong.  Yes, you could say it's all a little bit of harmless schoolyard fun, but as anyone who knows about child (human) development will tell you, bullies in the playground often become bullies into the adult world! 

The technique of desensitising the members, at times when they are allowed to step away from their work and 'be themselves' is in itself, a form of mind control and dangerously breeds and incorporates the dehumanisation ethic that is promoted at the grove, within the business of these members (i.e. finance, politics, media).  This is a concept that has existed easily traceable back to the old secret societies of London such as the well known 'Hell-Fire Club'.

A photo taken in 1957 at Bohemian Grove, this has not been doctored !

The three main attendees pictured are future president Ronald Reagan, Glenn Seaborg (the man who headed the Plutonium work of the Manhattan Project) and future president Richard Nixon.

RELATED ARTICLE:  Nixon Tape Discusses Homosexuals at Bohemian Grove



The idea that the mock sacrifices are the extent of the sinister 'goings on' at Bohemian Grove is always open to speculation.  

There have been several official reports which include evidence of satanic ritual abuse, blood drinking and even child murder in the area.

The 1993 murder of 12 year old Polly Klass has been linked to the area close to the Bohemian Grove.

There is a notion that the 1987 vampire move The Lost Boys is actually based on the history of the surrounding Bohemian Grove area.  One of the inner-camps at the Grove is actually called 'The Lost Boys' - a well known Peter Pan reference.

Again this is just speculation and I am not endorsing the literal existence of 'Vampires', but rather the 'art imitating life' element.

But then again, even if there are such evil activities as murder being conducted at the Grove, as bizarre as it may seem, this is comparably insignificant (but not in itself) when you look at how the mindset of the elite is being flooded with corruption of greed and hedonistic value.  These are the people who are deciding who is to live and who is to die in the global control structure of the 'New World Order' and to call this 'harmless fun' is a dangerous attitude to take.


An excellent 448 page book by Mike Hanson covers the history of the Grove and more.  Click here to learn more.

Or go to go to Mike Hanson's website cultofconspiracy.com

Click here to download a radio interview with Mike Hanson on Jack Blood's Deadline Live broadcast.  You will then be sent to the RBN Live radio archive.  Scroll down to the two part interview conducted on Friday 05th November 2004.

Also the (recently up-dated) video 'Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove' is available by clicking the following banner: -


A CENTURY AGO! - The Washington Post: 'Lunch Among The Redwoods' - Article Dated 06th July 1905.  Prominent Skull and Bones member and son of Skull and Bones founder is noted in attendance at the Grove... soon after, goes on to become US President,  Nice work if you can get it!.

More information on the ceremony and symbolism of the Owl deity can be found in the Molech section by clicking HERE.

Was the song 'Hotel California' by the Eagles inspired by the Bohemian Grove?  See our article HOTEL CALIFORNIA, aka BOHEMIAN GROVE?

NEW YORK POST: 'Gay Porn Star Services Bohemian Grove Members'

THE power-moguls and political heavyweights now luxuriating at ultra-exclusive retreat Bohemian Grove are unaware that they're being waited on hand-and-foot by a famous gay porn star.

Our 'Bohemian Grove Photo Gallery'

Contains images not widely circulated - check it out!


VIDEO: David Icke talks about Bohemian Grove and the 'Cremation of Care' ceremony, at the 2003 Brixton Academy lecture.

(Taken from the video available from bridgeoflove.com)


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