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In April 2005 I was asked to spend a few days in London to stay with a relative.  Along with Washington DC, Florence, Venice and Paris, London is one of the (if not the) major cities that runs the new world order through its legal and financial establishments, which were founded there centuries ago by the secret society network which still exists today.

Having wanted an opportunity to go for some time, this was the perfect excuse to go and get some pictures and possibly gather some information as yet undiscovered by myself independently.

As I was there primarily to relax with a family member (who knows little about the essence of the subject matter of this report) I was unable to go into much depth, so I remembered some of the sites mentioned in other books and websites and took to the streets armed only with a 'London A to Z' and my digital camera.

Here is my photo collection...

The 'London Eye' or 'Millennium Wheel' is one of the more recent structures in London which incorporates symbols of the Illuminati, which to those who have done the research, will recognise as the 'All Seeing Eye'.

See also our 'All Seeing Eye' section within our symbolism archive.

One of the most popularly recognised symbols of the power that controls the new world order is the pyramid with the capstone detached, also seen here outside a building on Cannon Street.

Almost directly across from Fidelity Investments is Bracken House (the former office of the Financial Times) on Friday Street which displays an interesting but dark occultic zodiac monument, which is also pictured in the controversial book 'The Biggest Secret'.  

As is noted in that book, you can see the face of Winston Churchill in the center of a 'Black Sun' which stands in front of a larger Golden Sun.

To the Illuminati who believe that they can 'draw' power from the negative Solar energy of the Sun and it many cycles, this sundial type calendar conveys symbolism and a message of that belief, (whether scientifically practiced or not).

The monument itself is quite beautiful in its general appearance, as is often the case with such occultic items.  They need to be, so to appeal to the corruptible mindset of humanity.

And then if you turn around and walk about a minute and a half away from Bracken House you will be standing here under St Paul's Cathedral which is yet another major building in London and features a rather large Dome, which as we detail in our Dome section (also within our Symbolism Archive) is believed by the Illuminati to draw in (like a radar dish) natural energies and frequency waves, which like the Solar energy, can be used or abused by those in power and possession of the esoteric knowledge of its existence.

This is why many of the religions use the Dome on their places of worship.  The 'dumbed down' masses and religious followers know not the purpose that they serve. 

The Financial District of London which is at the heart of the financial control of the world and recent world history has many Knights Templar symbols (bearing in mind that it was they who founded our modern financial monetary system according to conventional historical 'fact') surrounding the Bank of England and many of the surrounding buildings. 

Another 'nod' to the Templar legacy...

...and another.  Mithra being another deity, arguably being the same entity as the Christian interpretation of Jesus Christ.

The building which stands as the official headquarters of British Military Intelligence (Mi6) is an odd looking building - built to withstand serious attacks from missiles, as has happened in recent times - similar to a castle of Britain's 'Old School' days.

The feel of the buildings appearance is a pyramid with a capstone missing.

Mi6 is widely held as one of the major controlling secret society spearheads - the tentacles of which spread into the other global intelligence agencies.


Those were the only pictures that I was able to 'snap' whilst in London, however if anyone has any further images to add, please feel free to submit these to us via the e-mail link further below.  Credit will be given if desired.

If in London, I would also recommend some of the many art galleries and museums which display works which contain many interesting secret society symbols and codes, (only some of which are easily recognisable) where you will see Trade Union banners with the classic 'Fasci' (from which the modern term 'Fascism' is derived) at the Tate Museum and Hans Holbein's famous painting 'The Ambassadors' which displays the symbol of death via a distorted skull (which can be seen in its correct proportion only from a certain angle) seen below.  These wont necessarily lead you directly to the resting place of the sacred Arc of the Covenant, but it can be interesting to see what is on display and do further research if desired.


One of many examples of lesser prominent buildings which still carry the symbolism of the Illuminati.

Here on the front of the Fortnum and Mason store in London, we see the 'arm carrying the flaming torch' motif, identical to the symbolism of the 'Statue of Liberty'.

Thanks to Jason for this submission.

Here on the exterior of Westminster Abbey we see a flaming torch monument.

Again, thanks to Jason for this submission.