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When you do the research you will find that the Pentagram, also known as the 'five pointed star' is one of the all time favourite esoteric symbols of the secret society network of the Illuminati.

Its meaning and placement varies from society to society, religion to religion and new age movement to new age movement.  

Here we see the reversed and distorted pentagram on the 'Great Seal' of the USA on the back of the One Dollar Bill.  

The five letters to which the five points of the star direct us to are (in clockwise order S,M,O,N and A.  An obvious and intended anagram of M.A.S.O.N. As in the Illuminati controlled secret society network of Freemasonry.

Also demonstrable with a six pointed star, this is a well known hidden code on the dollar bill 'Seal' between researchers. 

The above street plan in Washington D.C is laid out in the shape of a geographically up-side down and distorted pentagram, the classic symbol of 'Satanism'.  It is probably more important to realise that these and the surrounding streets contain some of the most famous buildings in the heart of American politics.  The building at the bottom of the pentagram is the ‘White House’, the office of the US President.

The Secret Service building 'The Pentagon' (seen to the left) takes not only the shape of the center of a pentagram, but is geographically upside down, less thirty-three degrees (as in the thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry).
The same shape can be seen in the Vatican City street layout.

If you go to a Google image search and merely type in 'satanism' you will see many of the top results are up-side down pentagrams.  Click here to demonstrate this.

This does not mean however, that every time that we see a person, religion or institution display a pentagram (even if up-side down or distorted) that they are into Satanism.  It merely shows that whereas some will virulently deny it's connection to Satanism (it sounds far fetched but I have had this conversation with people), we can prove that there is a both a hardcore and a 'wannabe' Satanic movement that chose the pentagram as their symbol.


The problem in general with researching symbolism, is in understanding what a symbol actually means esoterically to the person(s) displaying or carrying it.  For example the Pentagram (or 5 pointed star) has carried many different meanings throughout history.  To the Pythagoreans it was a symbol of health and knowledge.  To those living in the Middle Ages, the pentagram was a symbol used to ward off nocturnal demonic entities and stood for the Alpha and Omega, and sometimes even stood for Christ itself and the five sacred wounds.

If you were to ask any new age youngster involved in the 'Wicca' movement, this would probably to them be a symbol of nature and positive magic.  And to those involved in the darker 'Black Magic' or even Satanism, the pentagram has its own sinister meanings, particularly if distorted, stretched or turned up-side down.

More examples: -

Here is the infamous memorial 'Eternal Flame' for Princess Diana atop a black (symbolising negativity and darkness) pentagram, above the tunnel where she was murdered in Paris in 1997.

n.b. the monument was erected prior to the crash, however this is now recognised as 'the Diana memorial'.

The election campaign banner for John Kerry in the phony 2004 US presidential elections.

Note the reverse pentagram in the center.

Baphomet, the demonic entity or idol of Satanism (both modern and 'old school') has a Pentagram on the forehead and also the shape of the head is shaped as a reverse pentagram.

This controversial poster for the 'European Union' shows the Tower of Babel (which is bad enough!) surrounded by eleven reverse pentagrams.

The Scottish Rite Journal of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction USA website, states that...

'The wrought-iron fence surrounding the building (below) contains the Order’s logo, a five-pointed Star of the Incarnation, a medieval symbol whose downward-pointing ray commemorates the Nativity'.


The purpose of the compartmentalisation of secret societies such as Freemasonry, is to keep a lid on what is in the jar.

Most of the lower initiates of the Masonic order(s) are unaware of the Luciferian influence over their numbers.  These lower initiates are often nicknamed 'Porch Masons' as they are only allowed to sit on the porch (for show) and not into the house itself.

An interesting 'Porch' Masonic representation of the pentagram is visible at the headquarters of the International Order of the Eastern Star in Washington, D.C. seen to the left.

(Many thanks to the anonymous person who contacted us to inform us of this).

Here we see Satanic hero Alistair Crowley donning the instantly recognisable Illuminati 'All Seeing Eye - Pyramid Capstone' and posing next to a book of 'magic', with a pentagram actually in supposed 'positive mode' on the cover.

Here we see a Pentagram mounted underneath a golden Owl (all seeing) God, possibly Molech.  Please see our 'Occult' section for more information on this deity.
Another E.U. (see the Tower of Babel poster above) piece which sports the upside-down Pentagram.

This is a British 50 Pence piece - widely circulated to show you the real agenda behind the European Union and the New World Order that controls it.

Many police logos around the world use some variation of the five-pointed star as their logo (amongst other symbols).

Here we see the logo of the Victoria Police, which appears up-side down, in keeping with negative symbology. 

Please feel free to send us your comments or further examples for our publication.  Credit will always be offered, but we always ask permission first.