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“Vehicle ‘accidents’ are used as a way of assassination precisely because they are such a common cause of death.  It is easy for the authorities to claim that anyone crying foul play is simply a ‘conspiracy theorist”. - David Shayler, Former MI5 Agent.

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Our dossier on the assassination of Princess Diana - whom was professionally and coldly murdered in Paris on the 31st August 1997.

As the evidence was covered up within minutes of the crash, it is difficult in our limited capacity to 'prove' anything definitive.

Our job with this archive is to simply do our best to put this into perspective and perhaps ask the right questions.

We know that Diana was a rebel, someone with an axe to grind against the oligarchs of the New World Order (NWO) establishment.  This, coupled with her ability to take any issue and put it under public scrutiny - such as the landmines situation - we feel was primarily, but not the only motive behind her murder.  For example, just consider what a voice of dissent she would have been against global events that transpired in the years after 1997. The war on terror in the Middle East would be top of her list I am sure.

We hope that with this archive we have put together something special and of use for the visitor.  Moreover, we hope that in learning about the death of Lady Diana, you will learn more about the NWO establishment and the dark Military Industrial Complex system that needed her 'out of the picture'.

"She (Queen Elizabeth II) said that there are forces out there of which we have no knowledge. I think she meant there were people working in the country that -- listening to telephone conversations and watching people all the time. I'm sure they are. I'm sure they're watching this right now, just to make sure that I'm not saying anything I shouldn't be saying, because the world's a very dangerous place, isn't it? You don't think?" Paul Burrell (former butler of the Late Princess Diana) in a CNN interview with Larry King, 05th December 2002.


This popular archive is has been static since December 2006 so no futher updates will be added, however...

Please check out dianaassassination.com which often features more up-to date reportage of the Diana assassination and cover-up.

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'Handwriting expert says Diana murder prediction letter is NOT a forgery' - DIANA, Princess of Wales, predicted her own death in a car crash ten months before it happened, newly published correspondence showed yesterday. In a comment that is certain to fuel wild conspiracy theories, the Princess wrote that she was sure that an individual — thought to have been a serving police officer — was “planning” the accident. Diana wrote that she suspected that someone was plotting to sabotage the brakes of her car in order to “make the path clear” for the Prince of Wales to remarry.

Diana murder plot name in letter revealed to be Prince Charles - PRINCESS Diana believed Prince Charles wanted her killed in an accident when she was plagued by anxiety and feared for her safety. She told of her worries in her now infamous note which she handed to butler Paul Burrell as "insurance" on the day she wrote it in October 1996, 10 months before she died in a Paris car crash.

AL FAYEDS LATEST STRAW-MAN: New Fayed attack over Di - PRINCESS Diana was killed by a British secret agent posing as a photographer, Mohammed Fayed has sensationally claimed. The Harrods boss said in an amazing TV interview that security service MI6 engineered the car smash in Paris in which Diana and his son Dodi died — then covered it up.   (COMMENTARY: We must be cautious taking what Mohammed Al Fayed says, as he has seemingly been involved in previous attempts to publicly discredit the Diana assassination exposure.  'Everyone knows that Al Fayed is a fool... therefore what he says must be untrue!'... you can see how this works.


(n.b. As the Daily Express does not carry online archives of all of its news stories (for non-subscribers) we have only been able to link to relevant stories from other outlets that have given the related coverage)

  • Diana: Police Cannot Rule Out Murder




OUR COMMENTARY: It matters not, the outcome of any tests as to whether she was pregnant.  The point is that she was taken out at the time that she was, because IT WAS BELIEVED that she was pregnant with Dodi's child. This is confirmed to have been the case. 

So it is contributing to a well known 'straw-man' argument to say: "...because some test says that she wasn't pregnant, this proves that she wasn't murdered for that reason". We need to be aware of this element.

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Covered by the UK Daily Express - 06th June 2005

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Covered by the UK Daily Express - 28th December 2005

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Covered by the UK Daily Express - 02nd January 2006

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STORY TO BE TAKEN WITH A PINCH OF SALT: Dodi 'real target' in Diana tragedy - PRINCESS Diana may have been led to her death at the hands of assassins who wanted to murder Dodi Fayed. The killers were believed to be mercenaries working for Arab arms dealers. They wanted her boyfriend Dodi to attend a meeting in a Paris office block. Diana had agreed to travel to the late-night rendezvous alongside Dodi. She would protect him against business enemies who might want to harm him. Instead, their saloon veered into an underpass pillar at high speed, killing them and their driver, Henri Paul. The well-sourced revelations have been described as being of “major interest” by those investigating the tragedy in August 1997. Until now nobody has been able to explain why the Mercedes the couple were travelling in took such a circuitous route from the Ritz Hotel to their presumed destination, Dodi’s apartment next to the Arc de Triomphe.

Spies cover up Diana 'murder' - THE Princess Diana inquiry is in danger of stalling after French spy chiefs blocked British detectives’ attempts to establish the final hours of driver Henri Paul. The team led by former Metropolitan Police chief Lord Stevens has been trying to obtain the "agent handling" files on the chauffeur, who was working for several secret service agencies. The detectives are desperate to find out what Paul, deputy head of security at the Ritz in Paris, was doing between 7pm and 10pm on the night of the fatal car crash. The £4million inquiry, codenamed Operation Paget and launched in January 2004, has ground to a halt because of the reluctance of the French intelligence services to surrender all their documents on their contact, Paul. Well-placed sources say such blocking tactics cast serious doubt on the French police conclusion that the crash was a drink-driving accident – and strengthen fears of secret service involvement in a murder plot.  

New hitches in hunt for truth over Diana - FEAR of a cover-up over Princess Diana’s death deepened yesterday as it emerged that attempts to reach the truth have been delayed once again. The complexities of an increasingly difficult investigation mean that her full inquest will not now be heard until 2008, the Daily Express can reveal. So the public will have had to endure an agonising wait of more than 10 years for the truth to emerge – a decade marked by official attempts to cloak her mysterious death in secrecy.

Diana: Scandal of body mix-up - BUNGLING French officials mistook the body of Princess Diana’s lover for her driver in the hours after the fatal crash. The astonishing development, revealed for the first time by the Daily Express today, is one of a catalogue of blunders which plunged the inquiry into chaos from day one. Professor Dominique Lecomte – the pathologist who faces an investigation over the mix-up – registered driver Henri Paul with the number 2146. But this had already been assigned to Dodi Fayed’s body and Paul should have been given number 2147. The numbers were scribbled on bracelets attached to the right wrists of each corpse. Lawyers and medics fear blood samples which were said to prove that Paul was high on drink and drugs may in fact belong to someone not connected to the crash.

WHAT ARE YOUR BETS, HE SAID 'NO'?: Police ask Charles: Did you murder Diana? - PRINCE Charles was asked by police if he killed Princess Diana, a new secret dossier reveals. The question was posed by Lord Stevens, head of the probe into the Princess’s death. The explosive document is understood to contain extracts of a previously unpublished interview with Charles. His exact response is not known but the fact that the heir to the throne was even asked such a direct question sums up the complex nature of the inquiry.

DIANA: PHILIP HATES ME - PRINCESS Diana was haunted by fears she would be murdered, and told friends of her concerns about Prince Philip’s animosity to her. “He really hates me and would like to see me disappear,” she said. The Princess, who died in a Paris car crash in 1997, repeatedly made clear her belief that she would be the victim of an Establishment conspiracy. Her fashion designer friend Roberto Devorik explained that the Princess had spoken about how she would be killed in a fake accident.

DIANA DEATH: ANOTHER COVER-UP - CRUCIAL evidence which details what Princes Charles and Philip know about Princess Diana’s death will not be made public at her inquest. In a move likely to spark further accusations of a whitewash, the coroner, Baroness Butler-Sloss, yesterday ruled that she will retain tight control over the mass of documents from the £4million Operation Paget inquiry into the Princess’s death. While some information from the three-year investigation will be made available to the legal teams acting for Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed – whose son Dodi also died in the crash – Lady Butler-Sloss argued that other material would remain “personal and private”. She also implied that neither Charles nor Philip would have to give evidence at the hearing, ruling that it would be quite wrong to release any “personal or private” information to the public.



This excellent 250+ page book does one of the fairest and most sensible analysis of the 1997 Diana murder that I have seen.  Put into perspective, the author writes about the life, marriage, publicity and eventual murder of Diana.  

The author also looks at the strong evidence that the murder was caused by a high intensity flash beam from a motorcyclist traveling in the front of the Mercedes, causing the driver (and fall guy) Henri Paul to crash into the thirteenth pillar within the Pont D'Alma tunnel.  Similar to an un-used British Intel' assassination plot drafted for the murder of Slobodan Milosevic some years earlier.

"Personally, following my own two year investigation, I am convinced that Diana Princess of Wales was murdered and equally confident that the evidence to prove it is in the files of the British Secret Intelligence Service and the CIA" - Noel Botham

"Anyone who looks at the facts of Diana's death, even stripped down to their bare essentials, cannot emerge without at least the suspicion that she was murdered.  More than eighty percent of British people believe that she was" - Noel Botham

Available from most good bookshops in hardback and paperback formats.

Or Amazon in the UK by clicking here.

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