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Before you go on, look at the symbolism of the 'Halo' itself.

Halo: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - "A halo (also known as a nimbus or Gloriole) is a ring of light that surrounds an object. They are often used in religious works to depict holy or sacred figures. In Christian sacred art (Eastern and Western churches), holy persons (saints) are depicted with a halo in the form of a golden, yellow or white circular glow around the head."   CLICK TO READ MORE

The Halo is essentially a Sun symbol.  Those who are depicted bearing the Halo are symbolic of the Sun - like Jesus was the son (Sun) of God in the classic literature, re-written by the Illuminati.  See our Illuminati Symbolism sub-section for more info.

Taken from our article of 03rd March 2006: -

Readers of Texe Marrs' latest book Codex Magica will not be surprised to see this photo of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (taken at an oath taking ceremony at the Malacanang Palace in Manila, February 28, 2006)

One of the techniques used to seemingly make world leaders appear almost Christ like - complete with a Halo (Sun symbolism reference) is by having a person positioned appropriately in front of a circular prop.

A ring of lights or Presidential Seal is such a prop commonly used, as this gives it that un-mistakable 'golden look' - again in keeping with Sun symbolism, gold supposedly being a 'Solar metal'.

"Gods or Men? - Is there a concerted plot to flood our consciousness with images that build world leaders into Mount Olympian man-gods,  mythological giants on earth?" as Marrs puts it in his excellent book.
'But this latest example isn't a man!' I hear you say?  Well it is therefore no surprise to see the Seal of the President of the Philippines (which is in itself a Sun symbol) be used to crown the female President... much in the same manner of Lady Semiramis here.

...you may know her better as the Statue of Liberty.

Oh the illuminati love her!

Now look at it again...Co-incidence we ask?... (not bloody likely!)

Further examples that we have collected for this archive: -

Already in circulation: -

According to theocracywatch.org "Charles Dharapak, photographer for the AP, insists on "deifying" Bush in his photos. The photograph (below) captures the President speaking under a halo at the dedication of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship's Youth Education Center in Dallas, Texas, 10/29/03."

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Ones that we have found: -

Condi Rice gets the halo treatment.
Walt Disney in a drawing held in an American Freemasonic temple.

You see Disney in the center, with a halo of his  characters.  Twelve characters to be sure, representing the twelve months... similar to the symbolism in the famous Last Supper painting where Christ (a symbolic Sun god, complete with a Halo) is surrounded by twelve disciples.

Donald Rumsfeld... say no more!

Bush in front of the 'New World Order' American Union seal, which is in itself a Sun Symbol... quite appropriate when you know the message being quietly conveyed.

Not a-bloody-nother!

Taken from a BBC article: 'Blair opts for French energy firm'

Pop-star icon 'Pink' seen on the left gets the 'halo' treatment.  

And its pink... how cute!

I guess that it isn't just world leaders that they want us to see as Gods... it even works with iconic stars and entertainers that they want us to worship.  Pink is certainly one that many young women model themselves as... she's soooo cool!

Another world leader (Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh) with the 'Halo motif' in today's news .

And this Halo has a Phoenix in the center - another Sun symbol/deity.  How appropriate!

The head of the Iran Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), Gholam-Reza Aqazadeh caught here with a curious one. 

Is it an Eye?  Is it a double crescent moon? (The moon symbol might make sense in Islamic tradition - Allah being a Moon God).

Original Source here (Thanks to Alex for sending this one to us).

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor - The head of the Catholic Church (in England and Wales) seen in a 2006 press photo ----->

British Chancellor (and prospective PM for the UK) Gordon Brown at a Labour Party discussion.

American Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist at a press meeting.

And two more good ones from Blair...

...I swear I have not faked any of these!

This one isn't a halo, but it does appear as if someone is trying to make old Tony appear as some kind of deity with 'light' pulsating from his hands.
And this one of former American President Clinton, taken from the front cover of a 1993 issue of Time magazine - that Illuminati controlled institution - clearly has been arranged to show Billy-boy as some kind of horned 'person'.

This was later denied to have been intentional.

There is a 'horny Clinton' joke in there somewhere... but I wont crack it!

Bush, with horns and a Halo.

SEE ARTICLE: Drudge Report plays up AP photo of Bush with 'devil horns' - The site suggests that an Associated Press photograph of President Bush, credited to Lawrence Jackson, had intentionally been taken at an angle, or otherwise changed or cropped by the news organization, to portray the president in an evil light. Bloggers were quick to put their own spin on the charge by the Drudge Report, which follows several recent press photos that had come under fire for various forms of alteration.

And Blair with horns and a Halo.

Be sure and visit the rest of our Occult archive and its various sub-sections.